Dubai Municipality to enhance support to Truck Market traders

Dubai, 22 July 2018: Dawood Al Hajiri, Director General of Dubai Municipality recently visited the Truck Market in Dubai and discussed with the traders about the ways to enhance the business in the market and listened to their requirements and discussed solutions with them on the ground.

The meeting was organized by the Customer Relations and Partners Department in the Municipality as part of interacting with the customers of the Municipality’s various facilities to listen to their views and suggestions that will enhance the means of cooperation and upgrading the level of services to achieve common interests in line with the directives of the wise government.

Al Hajiri emphasized the Municipality’s keenness to provide a unique environment for the customers of such specialized markets in the region, which Dubai city was keen to implement according to the latest specifications after a comprehensive study of the requirements of implementing this type of projects to serve the wishes and objectives of all parties.

He said that this meeting confirms the Municipality’s interest to follow up the latest developments in the existing projects in the Emirate and to check on the requirements of the current work environment and market requirements of facilities and services, as well as the challenges faced by traders in this specialized market and implementation of solutions in accordance with the best innovative standards and practices and also to benefit from the suggestions of the customers and their participation in the march towards the realization of the strategic objectives of these projects.

Al Hajiri pointed to the important features of the Truck Market as one of the vital markets in the Emirate which is providing integrated services for traders such as vehicle inspection, finance, insurance, and places for auctions as well as regulating the trade of trucks and heavy equipment and used spare parts in accordance with the regulations and facilitating the export of trucks and heavy equipment.

The traders praised the keenness of Dubai Municipality to organize meetings to exchange ideas and discussions on the most important proposals that play a positive role in enhancing cooperation with customers to provide services according to the highest standards.

After the meeting, the Director General of Dubai Municipality visited the market accompanied by traders and Municipality officials to get acquainted with the current situation of the market and listen to their requirements and their various desires and discuss solutions with them on the ground.

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