6 most beautiful bridges in the world

Bridges are not only a safe way to get into a water or a deadly crisis, but it is also a symbol of unity. You get the idea – man and nature, two lovers, land and water. It’s not just some architectural masterpiece… until then. Looks like some bridges are not meant to be walked. But they look so pretty! Here are the 6 most beautiful bridges in the world.

Longest and Tallest Glass Bridge, China

1. The longest and tallest glass bridge, China
At 430 meters, this monstrosity is the longest bridge in the world that no one wants to cross. Because it’s made of glass! Looking down will probably give you vertigo, because we never intended to see her creation from this height.

Golden Bridge, Vietnam

2. Golden Bridge, Vietnam
Have you ever seen a bridge with two big hands? If you haven’t, you still have the chance to visit the Golden Bridge near Da Nang, Vietnam. The best thing about this bridge is the panoramic view of the Ba Na Hills. Needless to say this is a real tourist trap!

Glass Bridge, Kyiv, Ukraine

3. Glass Bridge, Kyiv, Ukraine
A few months ago, a new glass bridge opened in the arm of Ukraine. It’s not as big as its Chinese brother, but even at 20-30 meters above the ground, it may give you butterflies in your stomach. The glass is very strong and should hold up to 1150kg per square meter, yet, on the very first day it opened, there were a lot of people, and a glass tile collapsed.

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Building Bridges, Venice, Italy

4. Building Bridges, Venice,
Italy I wouldn’t call this a functional bridge, but Lorenzo Quinn’s “Building Bridges” installation is at least a work of art. The six pairs of hands that come over Arsenal are a masterpiece of unity and brotherhood.

Dragon Bridge, Da Nang, Vietnam

5. Dragon Bridge, Da Nang, Vietnam
Have you ever gone to a bridge that breathes fire? Now is your chance! Not only does the Dragon Bridge look like a giant dragon, but it also fires on the weekends! This is the most beautiful route from the airport to Central Da Nang. Totally worth a visit.

Langkawi Sky Bridge, Malaysia

6. Langkawi Sky Bridge, Malaysia
Hanging at an elevation of 2000 feet above sea level, this 400-foot-long bridge never touches a single soul. Although the curved deck of the Langkawi Sky Bridge is only 6 feet wide, the panoramic view of the island community that it offers visitors is enough to remedy this small drawback.

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