Dubai Municipality signs MoU with Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Foundation for Distinguished Academic Performance

Dubai, 24 April 2019: Dubai Municipality has announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Foundation for Distinguished Educational Performance. The MoU aims to strengthen the partnership relationship and benefitting from the experiences of both parties in all fields, to achieve a number of strategic objectives. The MoU was signed by Ahmed Obaid Al Falasi, CEO Dubai Municipality for Business Development Sector and Sulaiman Abdul Khaleq Al Ansari, CEO, Hamdan Bin Rashid Establishment for Distinguished Educational Performance. The signing of the MoU is based on the vision of the wise leadership and the strategic directives of the country, and in order to strengthen the bonds of cooperation and coordination between the governmental establishments in the Emirate.

“The MoU encourages strengthening of cooperation and coordination between all government establishments in Dubai to develop innovation and innovation activities aimed at enhancing the position of the Emirate and help it excel in all areas by ten years compared to other cities in the world. We are confident that our synergy with the Foundation will contribute to innovative initiatives that inspire our employees to achieve excellence in corporate performance and provide exceptional services to citizens, residents and visitors in Dubai,” said Al Falasi.

“We believe that the elements of education and innovation are closely related to sustainable development plans and global competitiveness, which is the uniqueness of this MoU between us and Dubai Municipality. We are honored to work and cooperate with the Municipality, whose vision is to build a happy and sustainable city that provides the essence of success and sustainable living. We believe that such partnerships contribute to enhancing Dubai’s global competitiveness and ensuring a prosperous future for the coming generations, in line with technical development data and the diverse sources of knowledge,” said Al Ansari.

Under the new MoU, the two sides will cooperate with all possible means to support and develop cooperation in all fields and enhance their partnership to achieve the objectives emanating from this memorandum. The two sides agreed to develop activities of common interest, including the provision of appropriate environment, channels and tools that motivate those concerned to participate in and support creative and innovative activities, including integration and benefitting from available resources and innovative specialized laboratories by both parties.

The two sides will focus on exchanging experiences, best use of knowledge and information, sharing knowledge to identify opportunities for creativity and innovation, organizing training and specialized development programs and workshops, and activities to enhance the skills of both parties. The Municipality and the Foundation will cooperate in innovative competitions to support and motivate students, educational institutions and young entrepreneurs to enter and adopt the innovation world, participate in juries of innovative competitions and exchange knowledge and involve employees of both parties in innovative events and initiatives.

The two sides will also cooperate in promoting innovative activities through internal and external channels of communication, supporting and adopting innovative projects and exploring opportunities for future initiatives that fall under a joint activity and are consistent with the objectives of the MoU.

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