Dubai Municipality replaces damaged flags in residential neighborhoods for Flag Day

Dubai, 10 November 2019: As part of its plan to celebrate the national Flag Day, Dubai Municipality launched, for the second consecutive year, a community initiative called “Our Flag is Our Nation”, through which old and decaying flags on traditional houses were replaced with new flags.

As part of the initiative implemented in the residential neighborhoods in the Emirate of Dubai the Municipality replaced old flags with 1000 new high quality flags

The initiative also included providing awareness messages to the public on the importance of maintaining the cleanliness and integrity of the flags and following the approved specifications and ensuring the flags are renewed annually, which reflects on the aesthetic appearance of the Emirate and enhances the community loyalty to the country.

“The initiative has received tremendous response and welcome from all who were handed over the flags, who expressed their pride and respect towards the country’s flag, which represents the symbol of glory and pride of the homeland, especially that we are a few days away for the great national occasion, the National Day,” said Eng. Abdulmajeed Saifaie, Director of Waste Management Department at Dubai Municipality.

“Work teams composed of supervisory and control officials were deployed to carry out visits to homes and replace the dilapidated and visibly damaged flags, which reflect badly on the civilized appearance,” he said.

“This initiative strengthens the community role of the Municipality and contributes to enhancing the values ​​of loyalty and belonging to this precious homeland. We will strive to expand the initiative in the coming years,” pointed out Saifaie.

He said Dubai Municipality emphasizes the importance of these flags and the significance they represent in the national culture as they should not be thrown or misused.

The old and obsolete flags were collected and sent to the recycling centers spread all over Dubai to be used for recycling rather than throwing them.

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