Dubai Municipality organizes environmental education course for children of Dubai government employees

Dubai : Dubai Municipality recently organized an environmental education course for the children of Dubai government employees in the age group of 7 – 12 years, under the theme “Invest with Education… Enjoy with Environment.” The course, organized in line with the strategic objective of protecting the environment and sustaining its natural resources, was attended by 25 children.

The aim of this program was to promote environmental awareness among young people and to familiarize them with modern-day local and international environmental and health issues and their most important features, instill in them a spirit of volunteerism, establish and promote positive environmental behaviors that contribute to the preservation of the environment, develop participants’ thinking and creativity skills, provide them with different life skills, as well as to utilize the leisure time of students during the summer vacation for useful and enjoyable programs, and to promote and develop Municipality’s services to different categories of customers.

“Many children lack opportunities and experiences that help them better understand the environment and acquire environmental skills that help preserve the environment, as the current lifestyle of children of preoccupation with electronic games, television, etc. deprives them of the pleasure of testing the environment and learning opportunities,” said Eng. Alia Al Harmoudi, Director of Environment Department.

“Environmental education is critical because it helps to better understand the environment and to shape the values and behaviors that we practice on a daily basis that have a significant impact on the environment and the preparation of a conscious generation that contributes to the preservation of the environment. Hence, sound environmental education is the basis for decisions,” she added.

Al Harmoudi said the Municipality organized the environmental education course, which is held annually, to prepare young people to make the right decisions that contribute to the preservation of the environment.

The program included environmental and health education lectures in an interesting educational format, different environmental workshops, and visits and trips to various environmental sites to provide them with life skills and to satisfy their passion for exploration.

Environmental education course2

The program covered a number of areas that were highlighted in the course and presented to the participants through theoretical aspects by providing lectures and information on them, as well as the practical application through visits and trips to environmental sites or live and practical experiences.

The participants were honored with certificates and souvenirs during the final ceremony. All participants were assessed before and after the course to determine the usefulness of the course.

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