Camping stations, weekly draws and various shows at Children’s City’s “Winter Festival”

Dubai, 3 January 2019: Children’s City is on Wednesday opened Winter Festival, which will last until 12th January with a range of stage shows and events that include Desert Art, Camping Stations, Weekly Raffle Draws and the “Kashta” Show.

The festival is part of Dubai Municipality’s Children’s City’s keenness to organize entertaining events and performances for its visitors in the winter season. The festival activities are held from 10am to 12pm and from 4pm to 6pm. The event also coincides with Dubai Municipality’s strategic plan and the theme of City Excellence, which includes ensuring safety and public health.

The festival includes camping and barbecue activities, such as “Camping Preparations,” “Safe Camp,” “Let Me Set up Your Camp” and “Prepare for BBQ.” The aim of this event is to promote the principles and the right basis for practicing this type of activity in the winter season for children and the visitors of Children’s City by following the basics of security and safety to ensure that they spend the best times in winter and avoid any wrong practices.

In addition to that there will also be a corner for competitions and questions, and activities such as Horseback Riding, Desert Art and the “Kashta” Show at the Children’s City’s Ajyal Theater.

The Children’s City, located in the Creek Park in Dubai, is the first edutainment city in the Middle East devoted to children, where children can experience research and exploration in an entertaining educational format to get useful and valuable information. The city has several sections that provide educational and entertainment programs throughout the year.

The Children’s City is designed in such a way that children can practice all their hobbies by visiting there through their schools by organized student visits or family visits. The City contains different exhibits such as Human Body, Nature Center, Space Exploration, Planetarium, The Way We Live, International Culture, as well as the Toddlers’ Area.

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