Now all Saudi government services are available in this app

Absher is a system for providing services from the Saudi Ministry of Interior to citizens and foreigners online. It is now also available through the app. The Abshir system should be used through the website of the Ministry of Home Affairs ( As a part of energizing the paperless system, additional matters affecting every native and expatriate living in Saudi are now connected through Abshir.

If you are a resident or citizen of Saudi Arabia, Abshar is an indispensable app to manage your government services.

Let’s explore some of the services offered by Abshir:

📌 Visiting visas can be renewed.

📌 Family visa can be obtained without going to Istiqdam office for selected professions.

📌 It is possible to know how much money is in Jawazat, Traffic section and Istiqdam in our Iqama-license numbers.

📌 Validity of Iqama is known exactly.

📌 It is possible to renew the driving license and know the expiry date.

📌 You can know the details of the vehicle in our name and renew the istimarah

📌 You can know how much is the traffic fine.

📌 Individual insurance information can be known.

📌 Know whether it is possible to go for Hajj according to the law

📌 Know whether the old passport details have been converted into the new passport.

📌 It is possible to know through which airports and on which dates we have traveled in and out of the country.

📌 It is possible to issue and cancel re-entry visa and exit visa of dependent visa holders.

About This App

Absher is the official individuals eServices Mobile Application in Saudi Arabia.

Absher is the official individuals eServices Mobile Application that provide the services of Absher portal in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

– With Absher, which is available in both Arabic and English, you will be able to perform many  services for individuals in KSA whether they are citizens or residents.
– Absher has been designed and developed with special consideration to security and privacy of user’s data and communication. So, you can safely browse your profile or your family members, or labors working for you, and perform a wide range of eServices online.

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