Dubai’s Credence High School extends fitness challenge activities to 90 days

DUBAI – November 22, 2018: Credence High School, a leading CBSE curriculum school in Al Khail-Dubai, has announced extension of its students’ Dubai Fitness Challenge (DFC) activities to another 60 days considering the fact that consistent practice of any new activity for 90 days will make it an inevitable part of the person’s daily life.

The second edition of the DFC, which kicked off on October 26, will officially conclude on November 24, 2018. Aimed at transforming Dubai into the most physically fit city in the world, the initiative motivated and involved Dubai’s residents to commit to a minimum of 30 minutes of continuous exercise a day for 30 days with a month-long calendar of exciting events.

Aimed at making Credence the most fitness and sport-friendly school in the city, the students will continue their fitness challenge activities which started on the first day of the DFC to an additional 60 days making it a three-month long initiative. Credence High, commenced the DFC program by attending the workshops conducted by the KHDA, thereby following the DFC mobile app, promoting the activities through school radio zest and displaying DFC messages around the campus.


Commenting on the initiative, Ms. Deepika Thapar Singh, CEO – Principal of Credence High School, said, “We are extremely proud to continue the Dubai Fitness Challenge activities adopted at the school for 60 more days. This is to keep up with the momentum and inspire our students, parents, teachers and other employees to stay healthy by making fitness activities an integral part of their lives. Moreover, we aim to take fitness to the next level as any activity continued for 90 days will train the brain of the person who undertakes it to make it a life habit.”

“We believe that maintaining good physical health has positive effects on academic performance congruent to mental and emotional health. The structured DFC program of the PE department aims to create awareness and promote an active and healthy lifestyle for all. The DFC program in our school ensured that every member of Credence community, from kindergarten students to upper middle schoolers, support staff to leadership management team and parent community adhere to our mission of creating a happy and healthy school in Dubai,” she added.

“We are glad to see all our students participating in a number of activities for 30 consecutive days and now getting ready to continue the same for the next two months as well. In order to make an activity a daily habit, a person has to change the patterns of the habit as the brain is used to performing on a regular basis. The best results in life are created by different actions taken consistently with a change from the ones that a person is currently taking,” Ms. Singh pointed out.

Nicart Obsuna, Head of PE Department at Credence High School, said, “The entire DFC program is making a real impact in our school, especially to the students as they start talking about it by getting engaged and wondering on the next day’s activity. Their daily executive function capability has improved making them happier with the activities.”

“As part of the DFC program, a variety of exciting and sweat-producing fitness activities have been designed and programmed not only for the students but for staff and management as well. The lineup of activities included football, yoga, swimming, basketball, dodgeball, badminton, core and strength exercises, floor exercises, jumping rope, aquatic activities, Zumba, brisk walking, track challenges, gymnastics, Indian traditional games, fitness relay, and obstacles,” he added.

The participants joined a number of events like fitness village visits, KHDA football match, yoga and zumba sessions. Every family of the school community has been encouraged to escalate this value of fitness and health by writing their DFC goal together as a family supported by an informal discussion.

About Credence High School

Credence High School, a CBSE affiliated school is located off Sheikh Zayed Road-Dubai and is home to students from over 30 nationalities. The school strives to provide excellence in curricular and co-curricular activities giving special emphasis to sports by way of its after school coaching programs. The school believes in skill-based education and endeavours to groom each child into a happy and confident individual.

The school provides excellence in academic and non-academic activities so as to mould a child into a wholesome personality. The school is committed in providing an exceptional education menu for children to easily transition their learning process to schools and universities worldwide. Values of self-respect and respect for fellow human being and love for all of nature’s creations is inculcated at a very young age. Leadership and self-confidence needed to be a respectable citizen in the ever-changing world is developed in an atmosphere of mutual respect and honour.

The campus is situated off Shaikh Zayed Road, behind Al Khail Mall, with a sprawling campus, spacious enough to provide and fulfill all the facilities that every child requires. Academic facilities include a library, lab, music and dance hall as well as a multi-purpose hall, which can be used for indoor sports, cultural activities and dining. Outdoor sports facilities of the campus include a football field track, basketball, volleyball, cricket nets and swimming pool.

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